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Terms and Conditions


Additional Terms

The following are some terms of my service and helpful guidelines. Our schedules are very busy and therefore we need to ensure these terms are noted so every customer receives great service and during the period the scheduled.


  • We love pets of all kinds but due to time constraints and the use of very expensive equipment, we kindly ask that any pets be for a walk during the photo shoot. We previously lost a camera due to a dog knocking a tripod over. 


  • Cancellations require a 24 hour notice. 

  • Any cancellations prior to 24 hour notice will be charged up to 50% of the price of services to be done. 

  • Anytime the photographer arrives and the property is not ready the customer will be charged $50 an hour for standby.

aerial photography

  • Aerial photography availability is dependent on location. Certain locations may be in controlled airspace. If we have determined the location is in controlled airspace we will have to request and Authorization from the FAA. These authorizations can take up to 90 days. We are currently waiting for an authorization to fly in the airspace surrounding Laughlin Bullhead International Airport. 

sales tax

  • We charge sales tax on everything we do. According to the Arizona Department of Revenue anything a photographer does is considered taxable because the final product is considered a tangible retail item. Our parent company Granite Peak Enterprises LLC holds a Transaction Privilege Tax License under the license #21204958.


Copyright is a very important aspect to digital media. Many times people don't even realize they are committing copyright infringement. 


  • All images, videos, floor plans, tours or any other form of media produced by Granite Peak Photography are the sole property of Granite Peak Enterprises, LLC and any of its subsidiaries. 


  • Use granted to client for the sole purpose of marketing property, including distribution to MLS and any syndicated websites or feeds. Limited to the duration of the listing as long as the real estate agent is representing the sale of the property. The client may also use the media listed above for an unlimited time period beyond the close of the listing in their local area for self-promotion. Client may not transfer or attempt to sell photo's to any 3rd party.


  • Yes. 


  • Any use or violation of of our Copyrights will cause us to contact any violating parties and request an immediate removal of any infringed materials. In addition, all parties may be subject to compensatory damages and legal fees.  

Tour Duration

  • Only available for term of active listing.

Site Preperation

  • Granite Peak Photography will not in anyway shape or form edit any real estate photographs that would be considered misleading or may misrepresent the actual property. We will require a disclaimer be displayed with each photo that has been virtually staged or otherwise rendered.