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Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography is an important step in getting prospective buyers to the front door which is one step closer to an offer. People today are inundated with advertising and promotional images. With that being said poor quality images are almost always disregarded and forgotten in a split second.  We have formulated a very user friendly client portal so your photos, slideshows and flyers are easily accessible. All of our packages include MLS-Optimized Sizing and Print Quality Images. We also offer convenient online payments.


Luxury Package ($125.00)

  • Includes Branded/Unbranded Slideshow

  • 40 High-Quality HDR Images

  • Premium Retouching & Color Matching

  • 48 Hour Online Delivery

Aerial and Photo Package ($175.00)

  • Includes Branded/Unbranded Slideshow

  • 10 Aerial Images

  • 40 High-Quality HDR Images

  • Luxury Retouching & Color Matching

  • 48 Hour Online Delivery

The WOrks Package ($250.00) 

  • Includes Branded/Unbranded Slideshow

  • Luxury Package

  • 50 High-Quality HDR Images

  • 10 Aerial Images

  • Aerial Videography

  • 48 Hour Online Delivery

Platinum Package (Call for Pricing)

  • Includes Branded/Unbranded Slideshow

  • 40 Magazine Quality Images

  • 10-15 Aerial Images

  • Full Cinema Videography

  • Interior Video 

  • Aerial Video 

  • Exterior Video

  • 72 Hour Online Delivery

Additional Items

If your looking for a couple additional items to help impress you clients please feel free to order any of the following items with or without a Package.

Aerial Photography($50.00)

  • 10-15 Images

  • 24 Hour Online Delivery

Aerial Videography ($100.00)

  • Up to 2 Minutes of Aerial Footage

  • Retouched & Color-Corrected

  • Properly Encoded for Easy Playback 

  • 48 Hour Online Delivery

Virtual Staging or Room Renderings ($35.00 Per photo)

  • For those tough to sell homes with out-dated colors and flooring.

  • Can be used in addition to AS-IS photos (with disclaimer) to help show the potential of the property. 

  • Helps to show the possible way a property can be transformed.

Twilight Appointment ($100.00 Additional to PAckage)

  • 5 to 10 High Quality HDR Images During Twilight

Community Amenities ($50.00) 

  • 5 to 10 High-Quality Images Showcasing the Community 

  • *Proper release forms may be needed depending on location.

Panoramas or 360 Photos (15.00 Each)

  • Showcase a view, a backyard oasis, or an expansive room with an immersive panorama.

Agent VIdeo Property Interview (100.00) 

  • A wonderful introduction to your Branded Property Page.

  • Up to 1 Minute of video introducing yourself and your listing.

  • Allows people to get to know their future agent.

Floor plan for virtual SLideshow (100.00)

Additional Photos (5.00 Each)




Real Estate



Essential Items to Address Prior to a Shoot

Real Estate Photography is a carefully planned part of marketing your home. As is the preparation for the image you want your home to project whether through photos, video or showings. A little bit of de-cluttering, organization and cleaning can go along ways to shortening the time on market and the price a buyer may be willing to pay. Image is everything. People often think to themselves when looking at homes if they look clean or not. Dirty or cluttered homes can give the impression that a home may be poorly maintained. By following my guidelines below I'm sure you will find more people to be interested in your home. Remember people want to imagine themselves living in the home... not anyone else.

Exterior Front and back

  • Remove vehicles from driveway and garage. Park down the street.

  • Close and clean all windows. 

  • Ensure screens are in good shape and not torn.

  • Sweep Walkways

  • Pick-up yard debris

  • Store toys and bikes

  • Store garden tools and supplies

  • Remove all garden hoses and stow away

  • Straighten and arrange patio furniture, clean if necessary

  • Cover BBQ or place out of the way. 

Interior Main Areas

  • Remove any personal items such as family photos 

    • Remember, strangers from all over will be able to see them.

  • Remove all visible clutter

  • Open shades and curtains completely

  • Replace burned out light bulbs

  • Empty waste baskets if they have no lid

  • Vacuum carpets and rugs

  • Sweep and mop hard surfaces

  • Remove and store any paperwork, mail, bills, etc

  • Display small items such as books, centerpieces, etc

  • Turn off TV

  • Turn on every light 


  • Remove all items from refrigerator door

  • Store all food in pantry or cabinets

  • Stow small appliances

  • Hide soaps, sponges and towels

  • Clear sink and counters of all dishes

  • Organize any items that are on open shelves or in glass door cabinets

Dining Room

  • Straighten Chairs 

  • Add a centerpeice

  • Set the table with dinerware

  • Perhaps add a couple candles and a bottle of wine, think of home magazines.


  • Clean everything

  • Hang fresh, matching towels

  • Eliminate any robes

  • Close toilet seat

  • Remove any personal items, shampoo, toothbrushes, soap, medications, etc


  • Make the beds

  • Arrange decorative pillows

  • Put all clothes away

  • Hide anything that can be seen under the bed

  • Clear any clutter

  • Clean any mirrors


why hire a licensed professional?  

Time and time again I have been hired to fix someone else's work. Sometimes it may only cost a client an extra hundred dollars up-front but what has it cost in the long run? How many people viewed the imagery and have since decided the project was not impressive and never looked again? Sometimes saving a dollar can cost you hundreds or even thousands in unforeseen damages.

Hiring an unlicensed aerial photographer may open you and your business up to thousands of dollars in fines. 

I mean think about it, you wouldn't be happy trying to compete with unlicensed people trying to sell real estate right? 

To operate a drone the pilot must be faa certified and licensed

The FAA currently requires anyone that is using a drone for any type of commercial work be certified. The certification is known as the Part 107. The Part 107 is designed to ensure that any remote Pilot in Command is proficient and knowledgeable of airspace, hazards and multiple other aspects of flying a drone. 

Granite Peak Photography is licensed under the Part 107 and is also covered under full liability insurance. Furthermore Granite Peak Photography will ensure that any airspace authorizations or waivers be obtained prior to flying in controlled airspace.

A large area surrounding Laughlin Bullhead International Airport is Class D controlled airspace. Commercial drone operators are not simply allowed to call the tower for clearance for operations they are required to request it in writing from the FAA.  Operation of a drone in controlled airspace can be a serious violation.  

It is your right and responsibility to ask your drone pilot for his credentials and proof that they are in compliance of all FAA requirements while under your employment. Airspace Authorizations and Waivers will be issued in writing so they should be available upon request of the client. The Remote Pilot proof is issued on a card very similar to a drivers license.

fines and penalties

If an unlicensed drone pilot is found to be breaking these rules they can be liable for $1,100 in fines for each occurrence. The FAA has a really easy to use Online Reporting System. 

As a business owner hiring an unlicensed drone operator here's what you need to know. If you hire a unlicensed drone pilot for commercial use, you may be liable and fined as well, at a rate 10 times that of the pilot. So essentially you could be fined up to $11,000 per occurrence for hiring an unlicensed drone pilot to shoot a simple real estate listing or project. The small amount of money you saved in the beginning could cost you substantially. 

If you’re operating a drone in the interest of your business and you are not a FAA  Licensed sUAS Pilot then you maybe liable to both fines! First, for operating as an unlicensed airman and second, for causing the operation. Furtherance of a business is a key phrase. It doesn’t matter if the unlicensed pilot does it for free or you are doing for your own business, it’s an FAA violation and you are subject to these fines.

Granite Peak Photography is proud to offer high-quality UAS service with safety and compliance at the forefront!


Real Estate

Terms and Conditions


Additional Terms

The following are some terms of my service and helpful guidelines. Our schedules are very busy and therefore we need to ensure these terms are noted so every customer receives great service and during the period the scheduled.


  • We love pets of all kinds but due to time constraints and the use of very expensive equipment, we kindly ask that any pets be for a walk during the photo shoot. We previously lost a camera due to a dog knocking a tripod over. 


  • Cancellations require a 24 hour notice. 

  • Any cancellations prior to 24 hour notice will be charged up to 50% of the price of services to be done. 

  • Anytime the photographer arrives and the property is not ready the customer will be charged $50 an hour for standby.

aerial photography

  • Aerial photography availability is dependent on location. Certain locations may be in controlled airspace. If we have determined the location is in controlled airspace we will have to request and Authorization from the FAA. These authorizations can take up to 90 days. We are currently waiting for an authorization to fly in the airspace surrounding Laughlin Bullhead International Airport. 

sales tax

  • We charge sales tax on everything we do. According to the Arizona Department of Revenue anything a photographer does is considered taxable because the final product is considered a tangible retail item. Our parent company Granite Peak Enterprises LLC holds a Transaction Privilege Tax License under the license #21204958.


Copyright is a very important aspect to digital media. Many times people don't even realize they are committing copyright infringement. 


  • All images, videos, floor plans, tours or any other form of media produced by Granite Peak Photography are the sole property of Granite Peak Enterprises, LLC and any of its subsidiaries. 


  • Use granted to client for the sole purpose of marketing property, including distribution to MLS and any syndicated websites or feeds. Limited to the duration of the listing as long as the real estate agent is representing the sale of the property. The client may also use the media listed above for an unlimited time period beyond the close of the listing in their local area for self-promotion. Client may not transfer or attempt to sell photo's to any 3rd party.


  • Yes. 


  • Any use or violation of of our Copyrights will cause us to contact any violating parties and request an immediate removal of any infringed materials. In addition, all parties may be subject to compensatory damages and legal fees.  

Tour Duration

  • Only available for term of active listing.

Site Preperation

  • Granite Peak Photography will not in anyway shape or form edit any real estate photographs that would be considered misleading or may misrepresent the actual property. We will require a disclaimer be displayed with each photo that has been virtually staged or otherwise rendered.