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Real Estate Preperation

Real Estate



Essential Items to Address Prior to a Shoot

Real Estate Photography is a carefully planned part of marketing your home. As is the preparation for the image you want your home to project whether through photos, video or showings. A little bit of de-cluttering, organization and cleaning can go along ways to shortening the time on market and the price a buyer may be willing to pay. Image is everything. People often think to themselves when looking at homes if they look clean or not. Dirty or cluttered homes can give the impression that a home may be poorly maintained. By following my guidelines below I'm sure you will find more people to be interested in your home. Remember people want to imagine themselves living in the home... not anyone else.

Exterior Front and back

  • Remove vehicles from driveway and garage. Park down the street.

  • Close and clean all windows. 

  • Ensure screens are in good shape and not torn.

  • Sweep Walkways

  • Pick-up yard debris

  • Store toys and bikes

  • Store garden tools and supplies

  • Remove all garden hoses and stow away

  • Straighten and arrange patio furniture, clean if necessary

  • Cover BBQ or place out of the way. 

Interior Main Areas

  • Remove any personal items such as family photos 

    • Remember, strangers from all over will be able to see them.

  • Remove all visible clutter

  • Open shades and curtains completely

  • Replace burned out light bulbs

  • Empty waste baskets if they have no lid

  • Vacuum carpets and rugs

  • Sweep and mop hard surfaces

  • Remove and store any paperwork, mail, bills, etc

  • Display small items such as books, centerpieces, etc

  • Turn off TV

  • Turn on every light 


  • Remove all items from refrigerator door

  • Store all food in pantry or cabinets

  • Stow small appliances

  • Hide soaps, sponges and towels

  • Clear sink and counters of all dishes

  • Organize any items that are on open shelves or in glass door cabinets

Dining Room

  • Straighten Chairs 

  • Add a centerpeice

  • Set the table with dinerware

  • Perhaps add a couple candles and a bottle of wine, think of home magazines.


  • Clean everything

  • Hang fresh, matching towels

  • Eliminate any robes

  • Close toilet seat

  • Remove any personal items, shampoo, toothbrushes, soap, medications, etc


  • Make the beds

  • Arrange decorative pillows

  • Put all clothes away

  • Hide anything that can be seen under the bed

  • Clear any clutter

  • Clean any mirrors